The Allman Others

Washington DC’s Tribute to the Allman Brothers


The Allman Others Band (AOB) is Washington DC’s tribute to the Allman Brothers, recreating the mystery and magic of the classic Fillmore East, Watkins Glen, Ludlow Garage and other historic ABB concerts every time they take the stage.

Comprising a super-group of Washington’s best local musicians, the Allman Others Band shows are full of familiar faces, classic tunes and many surprises, driven by the irresistible groove and funky extended jams that have been hard to find since the “Brothers” played their final show at NYC’s venerable Beacon Theater.

Not content to leave things be, the Allman Others Band embraces the jam and launches the classic tunes to new and extra funky heights.

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About Us

Vocalist Doug Hartnett’s love for the band dates back to 1970’s shows at Met Stadium in Bloomington, MN.  After singing Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, Van Morrison and others in clubs throughout the DC area with the Oxymorons, he’s using his talents to keep the  Allman Brothers’ brand of blues on the road that goes on forever.

Guitarist Dave Reuben  was captivated by the power of the first five notes on the Allman Brothers’ version of Statesboro Blues, and he’s been hooked ever since. He started playing blues in DC with Whop Frazier. He currently plays with the 16th&T band, the Oxymorons, and the Alan Stone Experience.

Drummer Coleman O’Donoghue has held down the drum seat in a number of bands between New Orleans and D.C., including The Rites of Swing, Pentail Flat, Allison and The Distractions, The New Orleans Stick Band, and Mighty Sam McClain, Soul Purpose, Midnight Shift, The Source, and The BlameHounds. Coleman also played with Bob Atkins and Tight Fit, King James and the Serfs of Swing, and for the last 15 years, a group known as Interplay.

Keyboardist Lee Feinberg has played in several jazz, rock, and blues bands in the New York City and Washington, D.C. areas for the past twenty-five years. He plays both piano and Hammond organ with the Allman Others Band and his influences range from Chuck Leavell to Bill Evans to Jon Cleary. Lee is a composer and has recorded and appeared on several CD’s including with the DC band Outta Scope.

Guitarist Erik Richardson is a multi-instrumentalist who has been involved in the music industry for over 30 years as vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, violinist, etc. He currently performs in various projects around DC including Great Northern Out of DC, HoneyFunk, and Mothers Little Helper.

Bassist Alan Sultan has been a driving force in the New York and DC music scenes for over 30 years. With a passion for all types of music, Alan’s distinctive groove has propelled hundreds of musical projects over the years running the gamut of Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass, and Classical – even doing a stint with members of the band Anthrax back in the 80’s.

Blues Harpist Sandy Scott is a founding member of the Oxymorons and other DC bands. Sandy is having a hell of a time laying down harp riffs to some of the greatest blues-rock music ever created.

Drummer Tom Helf has been a steady presence on the local music scene, primarily as co-founding drummer of longtime original rock outfit Cravin’ Dogs, and also as a frequent contributor to the Bandhouse Gigs and Newmyer Flyer concert series.



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  • Sold out show at Gypsy Sally’s, to see the livestream click here
  • Sold out show at Pearl Street Warehouse, to see livestream click here
  • Sold out show at Bitter End in Manhattan
  • Headlined Reisterstown Music Festival, to see video click here
  • Headlined Bannockburn Music Festival
  • Benefit Shows for American Cancer Society and Navajo Water Project


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